Support American Citizens Trapped in Gaza

In my previous role at the City of Boston in the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture, I had the privilege of working closely with Sammy Nabulsi, our appointed legal counsel. Sammy played a crucial role in our team, helping to bridge the gap between the complex world of legal jargon and the everyday operations of our office.

One of Sammy’s invaluable contributions was translating the often convoluted legalese of the City’s official contracting documents into plain language that I and my colleagues in the MOAC office could grasp. His ability to make legal matters comprehensible was a tremendous asset, and it allowed us to navigate the intricacies of our work more effectively.

What stood out about Sammy was not just his legal expertise but also his fairness and commitment to our mission. He was a trusted advisor, always willing to provide guidance and support when needed. His dedication to the City and its cultural initiatives left a lasting impression on our team.

It’s because of my firsthand experience working with Sammy and my trust in his counsel that I feel compelled to share this urgent call for support regarding the Okal family and other U.S. citizens trapped in Gaza. Sammy’s commitment to justice and fairness extends beyond his professional role, and his Op-Ed, which you can read here, shines a light on a pressing issue that demands our attention.

As we advocate for the safe return of these U.S. citizens, I encourage everyone to heed Sammy’s call and join in raising awareness about this critical situation. Let’s work towards ensuring the safety and security of our fellow Americans, regardless of their location, and demonstrate that the principles of fairness and justice should know no boundaries.