The Beauty Trial

I unraveled my hair and I’ve been wearing it out to give my scalp some air and to see if I can endure* going natural. I put an asterisk after that because it’s clear to me that people (though they may not outwardly say so) are adverse to afro or kinky love (not the love of porn but the love of kinky hair).

I know this because people have said to me, among other things, “What happened to your hair?” As if something went wrong. What’s it all about? And I’m so glad I’m one of those persons possessed with the inability to hide her facial expressions. So when people ask this question, they pause for a split second, and then try to cover up, saying, “I mean, just the other day you had the braids/twists, and now you have an afro…” BUSTED.

But honestly speaking, people, you kill me. You really do (particularly Americans). Your disdain for natural hair is very clear and it’s just awful. Awful. You make it so hard to just be me. But I’m fighting this, and something deep inside tells me that I’m on the winning end, and I want to thank that thing inside of me because without it, I would literally be basket case.

To the good people of this earth who have complemented me and my hair, we graciously thank you for your kindness. Though you may not know it, it comes as a relief against the hostilities. In all honesty, it’s helping me get through this beauty trial.

I’ll write more as I get through this.