A Farewell to Black History Month

Well, My Friend:

This was a good Black History Month. It was especially good because it added a new word to my vocabulary of Blackisms. These are words that are often coined, uttered, and received by Black people. Some people call it coding. Well, my friend, there’s a word that broke the code – and now not only Black people will know it when they hear it, but so will the white man, and other men too. It’s Wakanda. I don’t even need to explain what it means here. See, this is what I meant when I said I was grateful for this particular Black History Month. This month gave us a word that speaks into existence all of the dreams and inspirations of, practically, a race of people. If you agree with me dear friends, and if you are as grateful as I am about this particular Black History Month, fist bump the first black person you see and out of love, say it loud and proud: “Wakanda!”

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