Makeshift Memorials

Some people have claimed space to honor their dead on Lorne Street in Boston. I saw it while driving someone home.

I’m concerned this someone has to come home to this reminder of dead people. Or that she has to see it when she looks out the window in the age of Coronavirus.

The many candles flicker, lighting up the life of someone who lived and probably even stood in that space.

The dead are more alive than we think.


ULTRASOUND FINDINGS: At 7:00 2 cm from the nipple there is a lobulated isoechoic mass measuring 9 x 5 x 4 mm which is felt to be the correlate to the mammographic finding of a mass. At 8:00 in the retroareolar breast a well-circumscribed oval wider than tall hypoechoic mass …


I was not a squealing pubescent, but I did complain often to my mom about being bored. Her response was always, “Boredom is a sin.”  She wasn’t even that religious. It was just some sacred scripture nobody wrote but all of the people from her age seemed to take to …

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